Class JmePlatform

  extended by org.luaj.vm2.lib.jme.JmePlatform

public class JmePlatform
extends java.lang.Object

The JmePlatform class is a convenience class to standardize how globals tables are initialized for the JME platform.

The JME platform, being limited, cannot implement all libraries in all aspects. The main limitations are

It is used to allocate either a set of standard globals using standardGlobals() or debug globals using debugGlobals()

A simple example of initializing globals and using them from Java is:

 Globals global = JmePlatform.standardGlobals();
 global.get("print").call(LuaValue.valueOf("hello, world"));

Once globals are created, a simple way to load and run a script is:

 LoadState.load( getClass().getResourceAsStream("main.lua"), "main.lua", globals ).call();

although require could also be used:

For this to succeed, the file "main.lua" must be a resource in the class path. See BaseLib for details on finding scripts using ResourceFinder.

The standard globals will contain all standard libraries in their JME flavors:

In addition, the LuaC compiler is installed so lua files may be loaded in their source form.

The debug globals are simply the standard globals plus the debug library DebugLib.

The class ensures that initialization is done in the correct order.

See Also:
Globals, JsePlatform

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Globals debugGlobals()
          Create standard globals including the DebugLib library.
static Globals standardGlobals()
          Create a standard set of globals for JME including all the libraries.
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Constructor Detail


public JmePlatform()
Method Detail


public static Globals standardGlobals()
Create a standard set of globals for JME including all the libraries.

Table of globals initialized with the standard JME libraries
See Also:
debugGlobals(), JsePlatform, JmePlatform


public static Globals debugGlobals()
Create standard globals including the DebugLib library.

Table of globals initialized with the standard JSE and debug libraries
See Also:
standardGlobals(), JsePlatform, JmePlatform, DebugLib

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